Restricted bind to my domain only

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Tue Jan 17 03:22:33 UTC 2017

On 01/16/2017 08:17 AM, Luis Felipe Dominguez Vega wrote:
> Hello, i was searching into google to find my problem, but i think that is
> better write to the list. I am using Bind with Samba 4 (with BIND_DLZ) serving
> the domain, but i need resolv throw another server the querys
> to domain and anothers subdomains (like,
>, but i dont want resolve any other (to prevent DNS Tunnel).
> So i need enable the recursion and permit to my network that recursion, the
> problem is that always resolve the,, etc... and i want
> only resolve the names into Samba (BIND_DLZ) and all others be forwarded by my
> another server, files.

I don't know if it will work for you or not, but I'd try the following:

Make your server slave the,, 
zones off of their respective servers.  That way your server can 
authoritatively answer all the zones and not need to do any recursion.

Grant. . . .
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