allow-notify in catalog zones?

Wolfgang Gehrke wolfgang.gehrke at
Thu Jan 26 09:45:52 UTC 2017

BIND 9.11 introduces catalog zones to simplify the management of slave
servers. The documentation just mentions support for the "masters" (also
with key), "allow-query" and "allow-transfer" options within the
contents of a catalog zone. Can the "allow-notify" option be used, too,
as an APL RR or does the "masters" option implicitly allow for
notifications from the corresponding master (e.g. in cases where this
master does not occur in the NS RRs of that zone)?

Generally speaking: are catalog zones already fully equivalent to the
configuration possibilities by editing a file or executing rndc commands?

Thank you,
Wolfgang Gehrke
netplace Telematic GmbH

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