Experiences with RPZ in multiple views

Matthias Seitz matthias.seitz at switch.ch
Tue Jul 4 08:10:58 UTC 2017


after a couple of test runs it looks like that multiple RPZs in multiple
views works fine, example code snippet bellow (for better understanding)

view "view1" {

    response-policy {
        RPZ Feed 1
	RPZ Feed 2
	RPZ Feed 3
}; };

view "view2" {

    response-policy {
        RPZ Feed 1
	RPZ Feed 4
	RPZ Feed 5
}; };

Locally the RPZ feeds needs different file name, that it will work. See
also the bind-users post from Tom <tomtux007 at gmail.com> "BIND-RPZ
and Views"
Does anybody runs RPZ in multiple views in *productive environment* and
do you have any feedback regarding stability, feedback if this runs
smoothly and any other hints?


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