different result between normal query and zone transfer

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Jul 10 17:10:27 UTC 2017

Am 10.07.2017 um 18:48 schrieb Tony Finch:
> Darcy Kevin (FCA) <kevin.darcy at fcagroup.com> wrote:
>> There is no "automatic" mechanism within BIND to tell replicas to start
>> slaving new zones.
> Fans of new features pop up in response to say, you might be able to use
> catalog zones to automatically configure replication :-)
> https://kb.isc.org/article/AA-01401/0/A-short-introduction-to-Catalog-Zones.html

This guide shows the basic usage of catalog zones - how to add set up a 
master and slave provisioned using catalog zone, how to add a new zone 
to the catalog zone and how to possibly automate it. In this guide we'll 
be using three servers - master running on and two slaves 
running on and To make it easier to try out this 
example on your own system, we are using unprivileged ports 5300 and 
9953, for DNS and RNDC respectively.

well, bind10 is dead so far and at least no longer a ISC project

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