"spare hosts" as personal DNS nameservers for 'mynew.org'

bind at zq3q.org bind at zq3q.org
Tue Jul 11 21:01:44 UTC 2017

Hi Matthew:

On Tue 7/11/17 15:24 +0100 Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 2017/07/11 14:57, bind at zq3q.org wrote:
> > I have several linux VMs, that are under used, so I want to use them
> > for the nameservers for 'mynew.org'.  **Neither are in 'mynew.org';
> > is that going to work?**
> Yes, that will work.  There is no requirement for any of the NSes for
> a zone to be part of that zone or, conversely, not part of that zone.

This seems imp:

> Although if any of the NSes are in the zone, there should be glue
> records added at the level above.

As I wrote to Niall (msg dated 11 Jul 2017 15:04:32 -0500) ,
I **do not** have a NS record for each of my two 
nameservers, in the domain zone that the respective nameserver itself is in.
That is a mistake, I need to fix, right?

> > namecheap support seems to suggest that the personal DNS authorative
> > nameservers for 'mynew.org', must be in 'mynew.org', as in
> >
> >     ns1.mynew.org ns2.mynew.org
> This is not a requirement from the DNS side.  It's normal for
> providers to offer this -- vanity name servers are usually a selling
> point.

OK.  Thanks for that term "vanity name servers".

> Even so, if you can make ns1.mynew.org and ns2.mynew.org resolve to
> the A or AAAA addresses of your VMs, you should be good to go. named
> is going to work the same irrespective of whatever it thinks the
> hostname of your VM is, and that can be different to the name users
> look up in the DNS.
> Failing that, there are any number of other providers that will let
> you register a domain, and the vast majority of those certainly will
> let you specify your own nameservers.

If you have a specific registrar in mind with good support pls let 
me know.


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