"spare hosts" as personal DNS nameservers for 'mynew.org'

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Wed Jul 12 21:48:51 UTC 2017

On 07/12/2017 03:21 PM, bind at zq3q.org wrote:
> OK, I'm ready to consider other registrars, any suggestions
> would be appreciated.

$Dynadot++ has been good to me.  I can pay them via PayPal and they 
support DS records for DNSSEC if you eventually want to mess with that. 
-  I think they were reasonably priced too.

I dislike the following and voted by spending my money elsewhere.
$GoDaddy--  They try to up sell you ever chance they get and IMHO their 
web UI tries to make every possible chance to up sell possible.
$Hover--  Formerly "It's Your Domain" (who was decent) changed to Hover 
and seemed to be a registrar as a side need of a different service they 
were selling.  They really put me off.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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