delegation NS records

bind at bind at
Fri Jul 14 13:07:00 UTC 2017

Yesterday, Niall corrected me off list.  Hopefully what I write below is
now correct:

    Assume our nameserver SOA and related authoritatve NS record are in
    the zone w/$ORIGIN" "".  Regardless of what the FQDN for
    the nameserver itself is, only a single **delegation** NS record
    needed, and it belongs in the ".com." TLD. In general the delegation NS
    record belongs in the zone w/an $ORIGIN, which is one level up from the
    $ORIGIN of the zone that contains: the nameserver SOA, and authority
    NS record.  When this zone where the delegation NS record belongs is a TLD,
    one adds the delegation NS record using the registrar's tool that
    interfaces w/the TLD registry.


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