Encapsulating Requester IP in the DNS payload

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Jul 18 21:58:56 UTC 2017

In message <CAN9uivGSnoW-JX6i8MYtACi8JspdOqN_0Xu_vHvvvfPcNwwhUg at mail.gmail.com>, Asher Collings writes:
> Hello everyone,
> Long time subscriber first time poster. I have a POC I'm working on where
> I'm trying to add the requesters internal IP into the DNS packet. There are
> posts everywhere stating that this is possible with edns but there are no
> howto's.
> I was wondering if anyone has tried to do this using bind 9.10 and if so
> what road blocks did you run into and were you finally able to do it? Most
> importantly if you did get this to work how?
> Thanks in advance for your time and information

You are looking for ECS (RFC 7871) support.  BIND has partial support.
Note: ECS has privacy issues.

BIND 9.11
	authoritative: geoip-use-ecs
	acl: ecs

The following is the official position on ECS recursive support in

Wed, 19 Apr 2017

We have implemented ECS for recursive queries in 9.10.5-S, the subscriber 
preview edition of BIND, which will be released today. For now, ECS recursion 
is available only to users with a support contract with ISC. Development of 
this feature was a significant effort, sponsored by an OEM user of BIND. As 
part of the agreement with the sponsor, we agreed to embargo the feature from 
the open source until 2018.

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