question about reverse zones and nsupdate

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Thu Jun 8 00:50:45 UTC 2017

In message <CACyJYa3TfG57bK0noBdc9yOq3cD93S04Eah7=pPrmiv0XcU49g at>
, kevin martin writes:
> I have tried to setup a reverse zone as and perform
> 'update add' commands sending addresses like and
> and, in all cases, the update fails with NOTZONE.
> bind complains "update failed: update RR is outside zone (NOTZONE)".
> Just how "tight" does the arpa zone need to be?  what would be IN zone in
> this case?  When I'm NOT using dynamic dns I have a zone file that is
> ORIGIN and just post manual entries that look like
> " PTR" and reverse resolution
> works fine.

If you are getting NOTZONE then you have update / prerequites that
are outside of the zone that is set/discovered.

If you are updating then ALL the update/prerequiste
requests must have records names that end in

Run 'nsupdate -d' with a example update and post the complete output
of a attempt to update the zone.


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