make AAAA type the default for dig

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Jun 15 04:02:37 UTC 2017

In message <3ffd4a84-2b7c-78a1-0e35-e741c6d987aa at>, Sachin Garg writes:
> On the point of customers not getting IPv6 (last point below) please see
> this issue for android opened 5 (!) years ago:
> Support for DHCPv6 (RFC 3315)
> So, when a corp like Google also takes such a pathetic position, what
> can one say about ISPs?

Google as a ISP delivers IPv6 to its customers.  Google delivers
content over IPv6 to its customers.  While Google's main nameserver
names are still IPv4 only the machines are dual stacked and are
returning answers over IPv6 in certain countries.  You can almost,
but not quite be IPv6-only when communicating with Google.  Internally
Google is mostly IPv6-only.

Other ISP's should try to match Google's level of IPv6 commitment.

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