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> Mark Andrews wrote on 06/15/2017 12:02:37 AM:
> > Other ISP's should try to match Google's level of IPv6 commitment.
> I'll be they would if they had Google's level of cash flow.

Most ISP's already have hardware that supports IPv6. Its in the
software images that they are running today.  IPv6 is so old that
many ISPs are using the 2nd or 3rd headend that supports IPv6.

The place where they may have to spend money is in their provisioning
systems but even there they can get IPv6 capable DHCPv6 servers for
free.  That and a little bit of training.  It doesn't cost heaps
to turn on IPv6.  It just take someone to say "Yes, we are going
to deliver IPv6 to our customers".  To get over the fear do doing
something new.

Unless you or the ISP have cheaped out on the home router, it will
also support IPv6.  The home router sitting on my desk shipped from
the manufacture (Netgear) supporting IPv6 about 5 years ago now.

An ISP doesn't need a big cash flow to turn on IPv6.

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