reverse dns configuration for IPV4, IPV6+ dns+ mail ?

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Mon Jun 19 13:25:38 UTC 2017

>>>>>* smtp_helo_name of your MTA matches the same name
>>this one is incorrect and my next comment applies only to this one:

On 19.06.17 15:14, Reindl Harald wrote:
>does it harm? NO
>is it easy to achive? YES
>can it be used for scoring on a spamfilter? YES

is it required? NO.

>>Actually, this would only happen when one of the A/AAAA records 
>>didn't exist.
>>Having two PTR records with valid A/AAAA would only confuse people because
>>they could see different one each time client connects, but doesn't break
>>anything (only dns-based acl's)
>this NOT true for all cases
>FRANKLY i have seen enough *real world* postfix rejects caused by 
>"check_reverse_client_hostname_access" because the idot on the other 
>side had "" AND the old 
>"my-provider-xx.xx.xx.xx-dyn.crap" PTR where one time 
>"check_reverse_client_hostname_access" was fine because it dealed 
>with the "" and the next mail was rejected by match 

those rejections were NOT caused by having two different PTRs.
They were caused by something different that is not a subject of this
thread - even one PTR of this format would cause rejections.

>in all of these cases just remove the old useless generic PTR would 
>have solved the problem from the start
>so please inform yourself and do tests.....

go reread the OP's question. He asked about "ns" and "mail" records.
there's no need to comment something noone did propose.

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