Adding/removing name servers under DNSSEC

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Mar 7 01:42:13 UTC 2017

In message <F2ECA49D-D373-4571-A6D9-2EBB108D827B at>, Mathew Ian Eis writes:
> To clarify this step *You update the NS records (parent and child)* - you
> add NS records for new nameservers to parent and child (at approximately
> the same time), but do not remove NS records for old nameservers (until
> after all cached records expire). Is this correct?

No.  You can change both sets of NS records at the same time. 

> As to serving the same content from old and new nameservers, that will be
> easy in this case since all are slaves to the same (hidden) master.
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