Difference between delegation and forward zone

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Mar 7 03:04:30 UTC 2017

In message <1993722142.5470245.1488838862984 at mail.yahoo.com>, Mik J via bind-users writes:
> >
> Barry: "Also, if there are no delegation records for the subdomain, the
> parent server believes it's authoritative for them, despite having
> forwarders configured."
> I don't understand what you just wrote above. Are you saying I need to do
> both delegation and forwarding on my authoritative server on the parent
> domain?
> So yes the case is load balancers or other devices that are not real DNS,
> they behave in funny way.

Just delegate.  That is what you are trying to do and that is how
the DNS is designed to work.

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