Unable to build BIND 9.11.0-P3 on RHEL 6.0 64-bit

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Wed Mar 29 06:54:56 UTC 2017

On 28.03.17 22:05, greg.rabil at bt.com wrote:
>I am having trouble getting BIND 9.11.0-P3 to build on RHEL 6.0 64-bit.  I am linking it with static OpenSSL (1.0.2j) and GeoIP (1.6.6) libraries.  Here are my configure options:

>Make fails with this error, which seems to indicate that it is still trying
> to build a shared-library, even though I have explicitly disabled that
> feature.  Again, I've tried both --disable-shared and --enable-shared=no.

why? In case of insecurities within shared library you will be forced to
recompile bind again with the library.
shared libraries are great to avoid this.

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