Unable to build BIND 9.11.1 with dnstap support

greg.rabil at bt.com greg.rabil at bt.com
Thu May 4 18:01:39 UTC 2017

Hello Bind Users,
I am trying to build BIND 9.11.1 on a CentOS 7 64-bit system, including dnstap support.  I have followed the instructions here - https://kb.isc.org/article/AA-01342/0/Using-DNSTAP-with-BIND-9.11.html to build protobuf, protobuf-c, and fstrm.  I am also building with support for OpenSSL and GeoIP.  Each of the dependent packages have been configured with a non-standard location using -prefix in the respective configure scripts.  All packages built and installed correctly in the following directories on my build machine:

/opt/work/test/protobuf  (v3.3.0)
/opt/work/test/protobuf-c  (v1.2.1)
/opt/work/test/fstrm  (v0.3.2)
/opt/work/test/ssl (v1.0.2k)
/opt/work/test/geoip (v1.6.10)

Here are the configure options I am providing for BIND 9.11.1:

./configure --enable-ipv6 --enable-filter-aaaa --enable-largefile --enable-fixed-rrset --enable-threads --enable-dnstap --enable-shared=no --enable-full-report --with-dlopen=no --with-openssl=/opt/work/test/ssl --with-geoip=/opt/work/test/geoip --with-protobuf-c=/opt/work/test/protobuf-c --with-libfstrm=/opt/work/test/fstrm --without-gssapi --prefix=/opt/work/test/dns

This configure fails with the following:
checking architecture type for atomic operations... x86_64
checking compiler support for inline assembly code... gcc
checking compiler support for __builtin_expect... yes
checking compiler support for __builtin_clz... yes
checking if asm("rep; nop"); works... yes
checking for fstrm_capture... no
checking for protoc-c... no
configure: error: The protoc-c program was not found.

Even though I have specified the proper locations for protobuf-c and fstrm, it does not seem to find the binaries that exist:

# ls /opt/work/test/fstrm/
bin  include  lib

# ls /opt/work/test/fstrm/bin
fstrm_capture  fstrm_dump

# ls /opt/work/test/protobuf-c
bin  include  lib

# ls /opt/work/test/protobuf-c/bin

Has anyone else been successful building BIND 9.11.1 with dnstap support with dependencies installed in non-standard location?  I have tried this on both a CentOS 7 and RHEL 7 machine with the same results.  Any suggestions to resolve this build problem would be welcome.

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