error when removing expired key files

Nis Wechselberg enbewe at
Tue May 9 08:37:42 UTC 2017

Am 09.05.2017 um 06:52 schrieb Gordon Messmer:
>> You might also want to take a look at the dnssec-keymgr utility:
> That looks great.  Red Hat is shipping bind 9.9, so I hadn't seen it. 
> I'd imagine it doesn't actually depend on any 9.11 features, and can run
> on bind 9.9?

I can't tell for 9.9 exactly but I am currently running a self-compiled
dnssec-keymgr in combination with bind 9.10 from ubuntu repos and it
works without problems.
If I remember correctly the changelog mentioned improvements to the used
tools, but I believe it were no game-breaking changes.

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