Sign zone escapes semicolon for RR 257 (CAA) and RR 256 (URI)

Dion Bosschieter dionbosschieter at
Wed May 10 10:01:57 UTC 2017


Whenever I try to sign a zone (using dnssec-signzone) with a CAA
record in it that has a semicolon in the value part of the RDATA like
the following RDATA:

0 issue ";"

Bind escapes the semicolon so the signed zonefile wil have the
following RDATA for the same CAA record:

0 issue "\;"

Even though a semicolon should not be escaped when it is inside a
quoted string, like in the example (reference: <character-string>

<character-string> is expressed in one or two ways: as a contiguous set
of characters without interior spaces, or as a string beginning with a "
and ending with a ".  Inside a " delimited string any character can
occur, except for a " itself, which must be quoted using \ (back slash).

I found out that this happens in the multitxt_totext function in file
rdata.c as it matches a semicolon and escapes it.

But this function always returns a quoted string, so the code should
actually not escape a semicolon. The function multitxt_totext is only
used in caa_257.c and uri_256.c.

I applied the following patch which solves the issue:
--- lib/dns/rdata.c.orig        2017-05-05 15:42:22.943088646 +0200
+++ lib/dns/rdata.c     2017-05-05 15:42:26.466428703 +0200
@@ -1577,8 +1577,8 @@
                                tl -= 4;
-                       /* double quote, semi-colon, backslash */
-                       if (*sp == 0x22 || *sp == 0x3b || *sp == 0x5c) {
+                       /* double quote, backslash */
+                       if (*sp == 0x22 || *sp == 0x5c) {
                                if (tl < 2)
                                        return (ISC_R_NOSPACE);
                                *tp++ = '\\';

I was wondering if I was correct in my assumption and if my patch is
indeed the right solution.
If this is indeed the right solution I hope this patch could be
applied upstream.

Have a great day,

Dion Bosschieter

dionbosschieter at

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