dkim cname records replication

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue May 23 00:28:14 UTC 2017

In message <DM2PR05MB68627047003D2BD6FF2221EADF80 at>, Vidal Garza writes:
> Hello List,
> I have this question about replication.
> I have a replication between BIND 9.9.5-3.
> We try to make dkim work with Microsoft office 365. In the documentation
> they said that it should be a CNAME record with the sectors and it works
> in the master. The problem is in the slave, with the name and the
> underscore character.
> I wonder if bind support the underscore character? Or if someone has link
> that help me.
> Reference:
> Thanks in advance!

Post the actual error messages or the actual zone content.  Your suppositions
are incorrect.

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