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Ron Wingfield foobaryou at
Mon Nov 20 22:32:59 UTC 2017

Resolution of our registered domain,, is not resolving . .
.cannot be found.  This has worked for past months until 3 NOV 2017, when
it started failing.  Additionally, the email server, Sendmail, has stopped
receiving email, and cannot send mail to a DNS-aware MTA such as,, AOL, et al.  We run BIND version 9.10.2 on

Again, I emphasize that this configuration has been working since modified
Thr Aug 6 2015 following conversion to AT&T U-verse, and has not changed
since Jan 12 2017 when added an SPF TXT RR for

The zone file is configured as follows:

    $TTL    3h
    @       IN      SOA (
                            2017012501      ; Serial number
                            3h              ; Refresh
                            1h              ; Retry
                            3w              ; Expire
                            1h )            ; Negative caching TTL

    @                       IN      A
    localhost               IN      A

    @                       IN      NS
    @                       IN      NS

                            IN      MX      20
                            IN      MX      30

    ; Machine Names
    @                       IN      A
    ns1                     IN      A
    ns2                     IN      A
    alpha                   IN      A
    bravo                   IN      A

                            IN      TXT     "v=spf1 a include:_ ~all"
                            IN      TXT     "v=spf1 mx

Our ISP, AT&T U-verse, insists that apparently our registrar,
eNamco/Dotster (whatever) changed or dropped something a few weeks ago and
we need to request the registrar to add a "glue" record, i.e., an "A"
record (I assume), in association with our two designated name servers, ns1
and  I assume that this would be something like "@ IN A"  where the @ symbol is shorthand for "$ORIGIN",
i.e., substituted as ""

AT&T’s ProvDNS experts response to my complaint is "You should contact
support for your domain registrar, and tell them
[they]need to add a glue record for your two name servers with the IP
address.   It looks like some type of change was made at that level a few
weeks ago and it messed things up (has nothing to do with us)."  In other
words, AT&T is blaming the fault on the registrar . . .having changed

After several calls and a lengthy o/l chat with Dotster/eNamco, finally
someone entered a Support Ticket for the addition of a “glue” record and
this was reported as completed 11/18/2017 at 10:31 PM EST.  Well, the
problem persists . . .still failing.

After reporting this continuing unsatisfactory fail to AT&T, they have yet
again responded "As was stated, it shows that we are correctly delegating
the records.  The issue still persists that your nameservers A records are
not resolving.  That is wholly outside our control or access.  PTR requests
will continue to fail as the and are not
responding to requests."

I am at my wit’s end.  This was working – why did it just stop?  Who is to
blame?  Can any of you list members see any thing wrong with the previously
included zone file?

Ron W.
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