Forwarding from delegated zone not working

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You can certainly configure the subdomains that way, but the same resolver which followed the delegation in the first place, to your BIND instance, will presumably follow the delegation of (as it is published via NS records in the parent zone) to find the nameservers for that subzone, query them, and expect authoritative responses. Your forwarding config won't be used, by such a resolver, since it'll be sending you non-recursive (RD=0) queries, which are incompatible with forwarding.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that if the "leaf-node" data is not available in an authoritative form, then you can't use delegation alone to facilitate its resolution. You'd need to set up some sort of forwarding, possibly multi-hop forwarding, which is notorious for being fragile, inefficient and lacking in scalability.

You mentioned in another post that the DNS data in question is for a cloud environment. My experience so far (primarily with AWS) is that these cloud providers don't understand how robust DNS enterprise architectures work. If they did, they would have offered authoritative, replicate-able DNS zone data as a basic service, straight out of the gate. Supposedly this "feature" is "on the roadmap" for AWS, but it seems to be a distant goal, with no particular priority. In the meantime, they are requiring their enterprise customers to sacrifice some of the reliability and performance we've built up in our DNS infrastructures over years (and, in some cases, decades), instead stringing together forwarding hierarchies and other nonsense like that.

(Editorial note: I originally got carried away at this point, explaining my model of how DNS is, conceptually, constructed -- authoritative core, inner iterative-resolution layer, outer recursive-resolution layer -- along with a diatribe about how poor/junior enterprise DNS architects try, with sub-optimal results, to build on recursive resolution as a foundation, because that's the only layer they really understand. But I don't want to put anyone to sleep, or fill up their mailboxes with walls of text, so I'll forego that for now, saving the text for some other day). 

May I ask: why would you put anything non-AD-related, of actual importance, in a *subdomain* of an Active Directory zone ? Maybe it's just a matter of perspective, but I see Active Directory as just one service we run in our enterprise, among many. So, while it gets its own namespace, it doesn't get to control the *main* namespace -- certainly, we would never put anything non-AD-related *underneath* an AD zone. Granted, I don't know your organization's structure, internal politics, history, etc. But it just seems rather odd to me that you're delegating stuff from an AD zone. I view such namespaces as "leaves", not "branches".

												- Kevin

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Thanks Kevin

That is what I suspected. If I make the delegated server the master/slave for the sub-domain that has been delegated, could I then set up forward zones for further sub-domains? i.e (delegated domain set as master zone) (forward zone)


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