bugs with BIND 9.11.0-P3 edns client subnet

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> Hello all,
> Does anyone use BIND 9.11.0-P3 in recursive setup with edns client subnet support?
> When I dig against a local recursive resolver (BIND 9.11.0-P3) with '+subnet=' option, it doesn't send 'Client subnet' option to the authoritative server which also runs the same version of BIND; however, if I dig directly against the authorize server with '+subnet=' option and it works fine. Is this a known bug with client subnet implementation in BIND?

Hi Shawn,  

The resursive support for EDNS client-subnet is only in our subscription edition.  It is not in any version of 9.11.0. The subscription edition is available to support subscribers but is not posted publicly.  The company that sponsored the work required that we embargo it from the open source to give them a chance to market it in their own version of BIND.  If you have any more questions about this, I invite you to unicast to me at vicky at isc.org.


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> Thanks,
> Shawn
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