2 Qs: DNS64 on IPv4 & Bind Sharing VM

Rick Tillery rtillerywork at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 13:14:16 UTC 2018

I am creating an IPv6-only subnet to test software for IPv6 compatibility.
We just need to check that the software can function correctly in an IPv6
network, so prefixed IPv4 addresses work the same as real IPv6 addresses in
this testing.  We also don't actually need access to the IPv6 Internet,
just the IPv4 Internet, which is good, because our network connection is
only IPv4, and we have no tunnelling.

Using TAYGA as the NAT64, I have configured the subnet so that prefixed
IPv4 addresses are working, and I can reach IPv4 sites.  However, I need
DNS64 to provide name resolution to these prefixed IPv4 addresses.

Google's DNS64 server requires access to the IPv6 Internet (according to
Google on their support group), so it won't work for us.  So I have to
configure my own DNS64 server, and Bind seems like just the thing.

1.  All the documentation for DNS64 says that when a name lookup is send to
a DNS64 server, it first checks for an IPv6 address, and if one is not
available, it gets the IPv4 address, prefixes it to create an IPv6 address,
and in either case returns an AAAA record.  But can Bind be configured on
an IPv4 domain, such that it skips the first part and just returns the
wrapped IPv4 address in an AAAA record?

2.  I already have 2 VMs configured for my subnet, one acting as router,
and the other my NAT64.  Can Bind share the Debian TAYGA/NAT64 machine, or
do I need to create a new VM for Bind as well?

Thanks for your help!
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