Stealth NS records

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Tue Apr 3 21:42:08 UTC 2018

"Stealth" implies something that isn't seen in the normal course of activity, so it's really the *wrong* word to use here, since the apex NS records are seen during normal iterative resolution, and in fact the apex NS records take precedence over the delegated NS records in the sense of RFC 2181 data-ranking. So, to call them "stealth" seems mistaken, and misleading.

A better term than "stealth NS" would be "mismatched NS". From an integrity-check perspective, IMO the mismatch condition should be flagged as questionable if the apex NS records are a superset of the delegated ones, and worrisome if completely disjoint.

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On 30.03.18 15:44, PANG J. wrote:
>I saw a zone check on shows,
>Stealth NS records were sent:
>So what's a stealth NS record?

maybe I could explain more deeply if you have sent the domain.

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