DNS64 & nslookup

Lagerholm, Stephan Stephan.Lagerholm1 at T-Mobile.com
Thu Apr 12 16:47:31 UTC 2018

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Subject: Re: DNS64 & nslookup

> We've been running a DNS64/NAT64 without CLAT
> net for a while without much trouble, but with a pretty
> limited clientele.  The CLAT piece comes soon, and
> access will expand.  If you really think this is asking
> for trouble, I'd be interested in anything you can tell
> me about said trouble.

Here at T-Mobile US we use DNS64/NAT64 setup extensively for all our Iphones (about 10 million give or take) without much trouble. And we have some 50 million Androids that are running IPv6 only with 464XLAT. 
Every now and then we run into hostnames like:
dig @ns1.discover.com. zinc-txn-notify.discovernetwork.com AAAA +norec
That are totally busted and cause DNS64 to derail but we are just burning them down 1 by 1. I encourage you to join us in the IPv6-only world.  

>> Thirdly, I wouldn’t rush to running IPv6-only.  It does have its advantages
>> but they come with serious drawbacks.  At this stage IPv6-only is still
>> niche only.

I would encourage you to rush into running IPv6 only. It is not niche only, DNS64 scales and works fine even without 464XLAT.  Break stuff and expose the brokenness is the only path forward. 


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