Queries related to RPZ

Philippe Maechler pmaechler-ml at glattnet.ch
Tue Apr 17 12:13:27 UTC 2018

Hello blason


I'm not an RPZ expert, but we have a running RPZ configuration


>From named.conf


zone "rpz.zone" {

        type    master;

        file    "/etc/namedb/master/rpz.zone.db";

        allow-query     { localhost; };

        allow-transfer  {; };



And inside the rpz.zone.db we have:

$TTL 3600

@       IN SOA rpz.zone. rpz.zone. (





       60 )

       IN      NS      localhost.


; Malware Domains, NXDOMAIN as a reply

;crayumm.com                    IN      CNAME   .

;*.crayumm.com                  IN      CNAME   .


; phising sites

baddomain.com CNAME .

malwaredomain.com CNAME .

uglydomain.com CNAME .

otherbaddomain.com CNAME .


; and so on


This way you don't increase the size of the named.conf. You only have one
RPZ zone and an entry for all "bad" domains inside it


I recommend to enable the logging for the RPZ category in named.conf

logging {

 channel rpz_log {

    file "/var/named/var/log/rpz.log" versions 3 size 20m;

    print-time yes;

    print-category yes;


  category rpz  { rpz_log; syslog_server; };








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OK - I resolved the issue now the query I had was how to use tens or

thousands of zones with DNS RPZ? Will it not increase named.conf file

size?Can someone please suggest other way?





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