Upgrade from 9.9.11 to 9.11.3 on Windows 2012

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Tue Apr 24 10:14:29 UTC 2018

Magnus Olofsson <magnus.olofsson at lulea.se> wrote:

> Is there any mandatory change you have to make in the configuration?

You should be able to find the answer to this in the release notes.
I'm afraid I can't remember the details from that long ago :-)

> We got this warning in the log file:
> warning: managed-keys-zone: No DNSKEY RRSIGs found for '.': success

That suggests your server is forwarding via a resolver that doesn't do
DNSSEC. It's an old error message that's present in 9.9 so it's a bit
curious that you didn't see it before.

What are your DNSSEC configuration settings?

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