Release Strategy Clarification

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Sat Apr 28 15:49:40 UTC 2018

On 26 April 2018 at 13:42, Victoria Risk <vicky at> wrote:

> You have correctly interpreted the chart in the blog post, but you don’t
> have to update in January, just when there is a bug you need a fix for.  If
> that bug is a security bug, the red block means, we will issue a security
> patch even though we are no longer issuing regular maintenance on that
> branch. So, effectively there is a quarter, 3 months, of overlap.
> Thanks for the clarification, Vicky.   It sounds like ISC and I have
different definitions of "no longer supported." :)    Perhaps I could
suggest that the descriptive text for that stage be updated to indicate
that there is limited support (for security related bugs) during that stage.

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