DNS and keepalived

Leroy Tennison leroy at datavoiceint.com
Mon Aug 6 14:14:47 UTC 2018

As previously posted, I just added a slave of a master for disaster recovery and now need to know how to promote it should the master be offline too long.  An additional complicating factor is that the master and slave exist on a failover pair managed by keepalived.  My web search has found a few references to this situation but they have either used slave servers or were veery light on the details of bind configuration.  I'm converting and existing situation where there was a single server for almost totally non-DHCP clients (servers).  I would prefer to not roll out a different DNS resolver configuration to all those non-DHCP clients - the environment size is sort of "in between" (not small or large).

The issues I see are in the SOA, with keepalived I could leave the SOA the same on both since the IP address for the DNS server (and other functions) moves.  The question is "Am I missing something?" which will come back to haunt me later?

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