Is it possible to...

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> Is it possible to...
> 1) use text only zone files, and
> 2) keep serials identical between those zone files and what is
> published in DNS, and

That’s not even possible with manually edited files. There will
always with every system be times when what is on disk does not
match what is being published.  The world doesn’t allow for perfect
synchronisation.  There will always be “edit, read” or “update, write”.

> 3) automatically handle signatures when adding new RRs, and
> 4) not have any journal files.

Named is not designed to update zones without running the updates
through a journal.  Flat files are really bad performance wise so
we use a structured file (the journal) to record changes then write
out the master file later when things are less time critical.

Even setting the delay between processing a update and starting to
write the new master file to zero seconds will not achieve what you

UPDATE requires name servers to behave like a database.  Databases
can’t behave like you are requesting.  You don’t go reading SQL database
stores directly.

> Is all of that possible with a(ny)? recent version of Bind9?


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