Local Slave copy of root zone

Bob McDonald bmcdonaldjr at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 16:11:04 UTC 2018

I've recently been investigating having a local slave copy of the root zone
on a caching/forwarder type server. I've even put the local slave copy of
the root zone into a separate view accessed via a different loopback
address. (An limited example of this exists on the ISC site)

My question is this. Is there any benefit to also hosting local slave
copies of arpa., in-addr.arpa., and ip6.arpa.? Although FreeBSD now comes
with unbound as it's default DNS software, installing bind yields an
example named.conf which floats the concept of the local slave copies of
the above zones. (That is what led me down this path...)

Anyone care to weigh in?


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