how two dns bind master sync?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Wed Aug 22 17:42:35 UTC 2018

On 08/22/2018 01:15 AM, Zhengyu Pan wrote:
>       In my application scenario, I have two master. Each master connect 
> several slave dns. When users update zone, i update these two master 
> respectively in a for loop. However, when any master update fails, i 
> will roll bock. you know, whenever any update, zone's serial will 
> increase. this cause that the serial numbers of zone in two masters are 
> inconsistent. How can i keep these two masters' zones consistent in real 
> time? Is using rsync tool a good way?  In the industry, is there a good 
> way to synchronize two masters?

This may be an unpopular opinion, especially on the BIND-Users mailing 
list (sometimes BIND is not the best answer).

It sounds like you might want something like multi-master DNS servers 
that Active Directory (with AD integrated zones) provides.

You can "Enable BIND secondaries" to allow (any) slave server to do a 
standard zone transfer.

You could then make your change to one master DNS server and AD will 
ensure that the other gets it too.  Either way, without reconfiguring 

I would love to see this type of feature in BIND.  But I've not seen 
anything provide it yet.

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