about the effect of installing with "--without-openssl"

takahiro use_others at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 27 02:30:31 UTC 2018


>In all versions of BIND up to 9.12, it is possible to compile BIND without 
>openssl by using "configure --without-openssl". 

last week,I could install BIND9.11.4-P1 by using "configure
--without-openssl" in my test machine.
It seems that there is no problem with ldd `which named` ,rndc , name
but I haven't fully checked the funcions that I used to yet.

>I believe he OP is asking for list of those features disabled by 
>--without-openssl (if it exists somewhere) and if there are more than 
>DNSSEC,TSIG and DNS COOKIE mentioned before. 

Yes, I'd like to know the list of features.
Now I have used BIND9.9, so I'm going to update to BIND9.11ESV.
But the features that I want are the same features as  BIND9.9.
In addition ,the reason that I want to disable openssl is that openssl is

That's why I want to know the effect of installing with "without-openssl".

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