Frequent timeout

Alex mysqlstudent at
Fri Aug 31 21:18:43 UTC 2018


Would someone please help me understand why I'm receiving so many
timeouts? This is on a fedora28 system with bind-9.11.4 acting as a
mail server and running on a cable modem.

It appears to happen during all times, including when the link is
otherwise idle.

31-Aug-2018 16:52:57.297 query-errors: debug 2: fetch completed at
../../../lib/dns/resolver.c:3927 for in
10.000171: timed out/success

31-Aug-2018 17:06:42.655 query-errors: debug 2: fetch completed at
../../../lib/dns/resolver.c:3927 for in
10.000108: timed out/success

What more information can I provide to troubleshoot this?

Is it possible that even though the link otherwise seems to be
operating okay that there could still be some problem that would
affect DNS traffic?

I've also clear all firewall rules, and it's not even all queries which fail.


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