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Julie Xu J.Xu at
Mon Feb 12 22:06:29 UTC 2018


I have a zone, we say<>, all private address is in this zone. So, I have a revers zoon existed. I am the master.

Now, there is a new zone required -<> reverse should; we are secondary of this zone.

However, currently, there is some ip address in zone<> there which is  the range, they are still required.

For example we want<>, and<> both existed.
                The<> – – transferred from master dns for the domain ( both forward/reversed zones)
                The<> –  original in zone file which we are the master.

Both are A record.

What will happen if I create second reverse zoon for Is my current<> will lose? If it is true, do I have anyway to work around?

Any comments will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Julie Xu

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