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Wed Feb 21 19:02:24 UTC 2018


I encountered a weir performance issue:

Virtual DNS running in VM - (Flavor 4 vCPU), in theory, the named process can reach to 400%

Query Log is On:

When Traffic is 35KQPS,  Named Process CPU usage can reach to maximum 260% .  but ,  Even if I increase the traffic to 70KQPS,  the named process CPU usage can't be more than 260% (lot of failure). - still 260% CPU usage, which impact DNS performance significantly.
Is there any parameter which impact the performance of DNS?   -- No recursive query during my performance test.

Query Log is off:
Named Process CPU usage can be more than 260%.

Why Query log off/on  feature is impacting named CPU Usage ?

rndc status
version: BIND 9.10.5-S1 <id:041e344> (Unknown)
boot time: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 06:12:53 GMT
last configured: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 06:12:53 GMT
CPUs found: 4
worker threads: 4
UDP listeners per interface: 3
number of zones: 102
debug level: 0
xfers running: 0
xfers deferred: 0
soa queries in progress: 0
query logging is OFF
recursive clients: 0/900/1000
tcp clients: 0/15000
server is up and running

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