DNS performance Help when query log is off -- which default parameters will impact the DNS performance

PENG, JUNAN jp2111 at att.com
Wed Feb 21 20:59:16 UTC 2018

Hi, Tony

During my performance test,  I also tested the performance without query logs.  I disabled the query log feature , but  it seemed that QPS  couldn't  go higher (about 75KQPS)  when CPU still had lots of room  --  Named CPU Usage was about 250%,  but in theory  it can reach to 400% (4 vCPU).

In your opinion,  which default parameters I need pay attention to , which will impact system capacity performance when query log is off?

Our Bind version is 9.10.5.  Do you know what version you think will have better multi-threading ?

Thank you very much!


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Another thing:

When query log is on.

Traffic is 35k QPS,   the Named CPU usage is 260%
Traffic is 40K QPS,  the Named CPU usage is 260% Traffic is 50K QPS,  the Named CPU usage is 260% Traffic is 70 -100 KQPS, the named CPU usage is still 260% 

When the named CPU usage has a limitation 260% here ? (in theory, it should be 400%)


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PENG, JUNAN <jp2111 at att.com> wrote:
> Why Query log off/on  feature is impacting named CPU Usage ?

It has to serialize query processing in order to write to the log, and that serialization barrier limits the parallelism that it can achieve (due to Amdahl's law).

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