Recommended values for a zone

Mik J mikydevel at
Wed Jan 3 18:57:26 UTC 2018

I would like to have your thoughts about what should be the best values for refresh, retry, expire and negative cache.
In my case I have 2 DNS which are hosted in 2 different locations. These location are near one another (100km). The latency is very low and packet is 0.I configured a lot of zones on my DNS and they not master for someone else.This is a very simple setup in termes of master/slave.
I would be tempted to* configure a high refresh period since I have notify configured on the master. What about 7200s ?* Configure a high retry period because I don't expect the master to be offline, what about 3600 ?* configure a expire very high like 2 days so that the DNS service would work even if the master is down* I don't have any opinion about the negative ttl yet but any advices are welcomed.
What about your setups if it looks like mine ?
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