intermittent SERVFAIL for high visible domains such as *

Brian J. Murrell brian at
Mon Jan 22 13:09:27 UTC 2018

On Mon, 2018-01-22 at 12:45 +0000, Tony Finch wrote:
> They'll have a log category of edns-disabled.

But if the problem were EDNS, would it be so intermittent and always
fixable by rndc reload?

> But, looking through the
> code, if this is leading to lameness you will also get lame-servers
> log
> messages.

So just looking for lame servers will cover EDNS issues also then,

> lame-servers is also a log category, and tends to be quite noisy
> about
> various problems :-)

Yeah.  Must be disabled by default on EL7 I would guess, just because
it's so noisy.

> The tagged values there are various kinds of things that happened
> when
> resolving; the lame: tag is a count of the lame servers that were
> encountered, including both newly discovered lame servers and cached
> lame
> servers.

So, if lame servers were a problem with resolving ns[1-4],
then I would see messages like in my previous message with a lame:n tag
where n > 0, yes?

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