Hostname Not Resolving Outside Domain

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Mon Jan 29 21:51:27 UTC 2018

This happens all the time.  Bang head against problem, give up and ask for help, figure it out thirty minutes later.

The DNS cache on the Windows DNS servers needed to be cleared.  Windows, sheesh.

Thanks anyway,

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I recently migrated our internal DNS service to a newer OS and Bind.  Bind 9.9.4 on CentOS7.  I am a third level zone off the corporate zone, (Engineering)

In general things are working pretty well but I have one really odd problem that I am struggling with.

Our Windows desktops are all on a different Active Directory/DNS domain (from the Engineering UNIX hosts) as you would expect.  Out of all of my Engineering DNS records one of them will not resolve from the Windows desktops,  Everything else appears to be working fine from any Windows desktop.

The only Enterprise level change made was to the corporate zone ( to change the IP for zone resolution to my two new servers.

I have some dig output to demonstrate the issue.  Both are from my Windows desktop, one uses the new Engineering DNS server and the other one uses one of the AD servers.  I have tested several AD servers, just posting the output of one.

Dig using the Engineering DNS (good response):
C:\Program Files\dig\bin>dig

;; ANSWER SECTION:   86400   IN      A
;; AUTHORITY SECTION:            86400   IN      NS            86400   IN      NS

Dig using one of the AD/DNS servers (bad response):
C:\Program Files\dig\bin>dig

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:            312     IN      SOA 2018012901 10800 900 604800 86400

I sure could use a suggestion.


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