round-robin bug in 9.12.1-P2 for rDNS?

Michał Kępień michal at
Wed Jul 4 06:11:11 UTC 2018

> I have a funny issue that looks buggish
> to me.  I have an RRSET with two
> A records that our auth DNS servers happily
> round-robin, which can be observed with
> dig
> However, our recursive DNS servers, with
> the same rrset-order config will not round-robin
> these records.
> BUT, if I add a third A record, the rDNS servers
> then round-robin.
> I can punch in some config elements here if
> it is useful, but this smells like a bug, and
> maybe I should be reporting on gitlab.
> Thoughts?

This sounds a bit like #336 [1], but you mentioned rrset-order being
explicitly set in your configuration, so it might be something else.  If
you can still reproduce this with current master (or with current v9_12
branch), please open a new GitLab issue.  Thanks!


Best regards,
Michał Kępień

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