My IXFR/AXFR stopped suddenly

Blason R blason16 at
Fri Jul 6 13:46:00 UTC 2018

Hi Team,

Any clue how do I troubleshoot why master to Slave IXFR/AXFR stopped? It
was working before even my logs shows notifies..I can connect to my slave
on customised port that NOTIFY messages are sent but then PULL from slave
to master is not working.

zone "" {
        type master;
        file "/var/lib/bind/zones/";
        notify explicit;
        also-notify {
      port 15455;
        allow-transfer {

zone "" {
        type slave;
        file "/var/lib/bind/zones/";
        masters { x.x.x.x; };
        allow-transfer { none; };
        allow-query { localhost;};
        allow-notify { x.x.x.x; };

06-Jul-2018 14:10:28.341 client x.x.x.x#10090: received notify for zone
06-Jul-2018 14:14:54.988 client x.x.x.x#10093: received notify for zone
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