Authoritative dns with private IP for hostname

Greg Rivers gcr+bind-users at
Fri Jul 27 17:53:23 UTC 2018

In summary, all of the advice you received on this thread regarding the publishing of private IPs in DNS is correct:

• As I told you, on a purely practical level, it won't work because private addresses aren't routable on the Internet.

• As Kevin told you, there are myriad security ramifications, as everyone and no one controls routing of private addresses locally.

• As Timothe told you, views can be used effectively, though as things scale up, your ability to use views will hinge on your ability to manage them.

To provide service to the Internet, you need a public IP. It may be that we misunderstood the wording of your question. If your actual question was "can I publish a public IP in DNS and NAT it to a private IP behind my firewall", then of course the answer is "yes". Otherwise, trust the given advice.

Greg Rivers

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