Domain name based multihome routing?

Dale Mahalko dmahalko at
Tue Jun 26 05:08:01 UTC 2018

(Hello, I am new to the list. And this may possibly be my only post here..)

I am looking for a way on Linux to do domain name based multihome routing.

Essentially every time a domain name lookup request occurs:

* Rather than immediately returning the results to the requesting program,
instead Named/BIND should pause the process and send the results out to a
secondary program.

* The secondary program looks up the domain in a database, which also
includes the multihome destination for each domain. If a match is found, a
route is created to that multihome destination. Aliased acceleration
domains such as Akamai will be matched using the primary domain name.

* Control is now returned to Named/BIND which returns the results as usual
to the original requester. When the secondary program uses the numeric
address(es) returned by Named/BIND, it is routed according to the multhome
destination list.


Is there any way to do this with Named/BIND the way it is currently
programmed, or would it be necessary to hack the source to insert this
redirection step?

The specific reason why I need this is that I am one of the many thousands
of rural people in the United States who are stuck on a horribly slow DSL
Internet connection, with a maximum speed of 1.5 megabit down, 0.25 megabit
up, and no way to upgrade. The one redeeming quality of it, is that the
monthly bandwidth is essentially uncapped.

I am looking into buying a second, expensive cellular data plan which
allows 4G speeds of up to about 15 megabit, but which has a monthly data
cap of about 25 gigabytes.

I want to conserve the limited high-speed cellular bandwidth as much as
possible, and put all the downloads that I don't care about on the slow DSL.

* I want to put all the huge background bandwidth eating maintenance
downloads such as Microsoft Windows updates, Microsoft Store updates,
Microsoft P2P updates, Steam game downloads and updates, Adobe updates,
iTunes updates, iPhone iOS and App updates, and so forth on the slow DSL.

* I want to put all the other things that are important to me like
multiplayer gaming UDP streams, remote desktop / SSH, video streaming, and
general web browsing on the cellular modem.


Due to there being thousands and thousands of cloud servers, plus bandwidth
optimization services, it is virtually impossible for me to know in advance
and manually/statically route all possible servers that Microsoft, Steam,
Adobe, Apple or any other cloud hosted and Akamai/AWS accelerated business
may use.

In most cases it is not possible to know what newly created cloud servers
these companies will use until the moment they actually request a domain
lookup for that new server within their parent domain.

Hence the multihome routing for these domains must be done dynamically on
the fly, as they are being requested from the name lookup service, but
before the lookup results are returned to the originating program
requesting the lookup.

Dale Mahalko, Gilman, WI, USA
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