Domain name based multihome routing?

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Tue Jun 26 19:07:02 UTC 2018

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> Are you saying that you want to dynamically update routes to IPs resolved
> in real time to specific host / domain names?  Such that traffic to
> specific hosts / domain names is routed over DSL?  With things that don't
> match conditions routed over cell?


I think I understand what you want to do and why you want to do it.
> It seems like you're using named as the source of information to feed into
> the process that dynamically updates routing.
> I find the pausing of named to be questionable.  But I understand that you
> want to make sure that no connections are started until after the
> (re)routing has been done.

(I am no programming expert as mentioned, but I do IT stuff for a living,

The pause would only be long enough to look for a regex domain pattern to
be routed to the DSL, and then creating the route. This pause can likely be
measured in nanoseconds.

This would likely be a multithreaded asynchronous mechanism so that BIND
does each of its lookups as usual, and then forks a followup thread after
it completes its normal lookup process, to do the pattern match and route
creation, followed by the delayed response released when the
pattern-match/route-creation thread terminates.

So in general using multithreading, there would be no real impact to
programs requesting the lookups, other than a delay per lookup that is so
small it would not be noticeable to an end-user human.
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