Domain name based multihome routing?

Dale Mahalko dmahalko at
Fri Jun 29 00:50:27 UTC 2018

Eh, I gave up on web proxies a couple years back where I work. It is mostly
pointless in the age of "SSL for everything" after Snowden spilled the
beans on US gov spying of all open traffic. I am not interested in the
complexities of MITM certificates that web browsers are going to constantly
scream about.

Also it is highly unclear to me if the more recent P2P update mechanisms
from Microsoft or Steam use HTTP at all anymore, so proxying may be mostly
useless for those largest of bandwidth consumers.

How is proxying somehow easier than just checking a domain to see if it
needs special routing with each DNS request, routing the resulting numeric
address(es) if there is a match, and then not needing to hack my system
security or needing to be intimately knowledgeable of whatever
communications protocols are used beyond that point over the specially
assigned route?
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