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We are managing our DNS zone within LDAP through a 3rd party editor (FusionDirectory). This software is configured to export the LDAP configuration to plain text zone files, updated on the master (and a zone reload is made by the software by calling rndc). 

If we make this zone dynamic we have a serial issue because each server (Acitve Directory) dynamically updating the zone increments the serial which do not update the LDAP. Refreshing the zone via FusionDirectory do not work as the generated serial is lower. 

We are aware that we should not mix the plain text configuration with these dynamic records (and use a subdomain instead). As we want to edit the zone in LDAP and we would like to make the AD servers autoregister their record in the zone, would using bind with the LDAP backend allow us to do so ? (FusionDirectory can be configured as a simple LDAP editor without pushing text config). 

Let me know if my question is odd or lacking of information. 

Thank you for your further advices. 

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