BIND source distribution missing?

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Fri May 4 12:04:09 UTC 2018


I'm writing to let you know there seems to be a bug on the ISC web site.
Coming from MacOS Chrome, I'm only being offered the binary Windows
distribution of BIND for download from <> and
from <>.

Browser-detection bug aside.. I think only offering only the binary version
to *anyone* is a mistake.  Regardless of what platform I'm using to
download BIND, I may be deploying it to any number of different places.  It
shouldn't matter what browser I'm using at all, or what my desktop OS is, I
should be able to easily access *all* (current) distributions... not just
the one you think matches the browser I'm using.  So, please dump the
browser detection entirely, and just offer me all the distributions.

Also, <> needs an update to its 'welcome' file, because
BIND doesn't seem to be distributed from there anymore.

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