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Sat May 5 15:43:17 UTC 2018

On Sat, May 05, 2018 at 03:52:16PM +0530, Blason R wrote:
> Since I am building Master/slave RPZ for my organization I do have 
> couple of queries.
>    1. My ixfr is not working as soon as I remove the statement it 
>    works fine

Remove WHAT statement?  No data, no useful answer.

>    2. Do I need to create files at secondary server? or will those
>    be created automatically?

Assuming the EUID/EGID running named (see if you're using -u) has 
write privilege in the specified file location, they will be created.
Offer void where taxed or prohibited, or where you have shot yourself 
in the foot using SELinux or similar.

>    3. I guess I always need to change the serial number whenever I
>    am performing changes; is there any automated way to do that?

You can use dynamic updates with nsupdate(8) or other RFC 2136 
updating client.  See "Dynamic updates" section of ARM chapter 4; 
also look for articles at the ISC KB: https://kb.isc.org/

>    4. And is there any authentication method between master/slave?

TSIG signatures can be used.  This is also covered in ARM chapter 4, 
and I recommend using the HTML version, because it hyperlinks to 
relevant syntax documentation in chapter 6.  And again, see the KB.

TSIG can be used for any form of query, including the notify sent 
from master to slave[s].  See the section in ARM chapter 6, on 
"server Statement Grammar".
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