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> Hi,
> I have RPZ installed on server and its acting as a master server but
> somehow port setting is not working on master
> [...]

> So here I am sending notification  to on port 4545; my
> queries are
> How do I configure port on slave 4545 so that slave server can start
> listening on that port.

Your slave needs to be listening on the correct IP/port to receive the
NOTIFY.  In the current BIND Administrator's Reference Manual[0], the
discussion on Interfaces starts at page 98.

> And my master is failing  after restarting the services due to notify-them
> statement.

You don't indicate what the error is, but I'm willing to bet it's the fact
that you're trying to specify a masters list by name as well as a port.  If
you look at the 'also-notify' statement definition, you can see that you're
able to use a 'masters' list OR an IP address and port combination, but not
both (ARM pp. 71).  You should specify the port number as part of the
definition of the masters list, not where you use the masters list.

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